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ScribeWorx Calligraphy Resources
Calligraphy Resources

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Kate Gladstone/HandwritingRepair

The International Association of Master Penman,
Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting

About.Com/Period Penmanship
The acquisition of handwriting in the UK
Annual American Handwriting Competition
BFH FluentHandwriting Manual
Barchowsky Fluent Hand/Font
Jim Bennet/Modern Italic
Jim's Calligraphy Tip o' the Day
Calli & Graphy/Children
Calli-Graphic II /Guidelines software
Children's handwriting fonts
Christopher Jarman/Handwriting
Compare 5 Handwriting Systems/PDF
Continuing Education Press/Handwriting
Copybooks from around the world
Cursive II Handwriting Pages~D.Young
Donna Young/Penmanship/Cursive animations
Donna young/Handwriting Practice Sheets
Educational Fontware
15 Famous People Handwriting Fonts (French)
EFI Fonts/Palmer style
Free Fonts/Handwriting
Free Hand Writing/Calligraphy & Handwriting by Mail
Fontastic/handwriting fonts
Graphic Insight/Handwriting Analysis
Gunnlaugur SE Briem/Teaching Italic
Handlettering Forum Online
Handwriting Analysts Group
Hand Lettering
Handwriting Helpers/Johnson
Handwriting Interest Group/UK
Handwriting Practice Sheets /D.Young
Handwriting practice sheets/Marie Picard books/Canada
Holy Family School Productions
Handwriting today/Ditchling Museum/UK

Handwriting Tools/TheraProducts/Grip Tec

Handwriting Grip tools/Therapy books
Handwriting University

Handwriting Without Tears (HWT)/Jan Olsen
Iceland's Earliest Writings/article
Homeschoolers Fonts

Italic Letters/Inga Dubay
Italic Cursive/Start write

A Handwriting Seminar for Medical Professionals

International School of Handwriting Sciences

Lilly,Bill/Script Writing Video
Mandy Young Calligrapher
Mrs Alphabet/educational
My Handwriting /Analyzing Handwriting

National Cursive Handwriting Contest
National Handwriting Day/JAN. 23
Free Handwriting Workshop/PDF
Nib repair, restoration, modification,
Nie.Letters/Club UK
Parents & Handwriting/C.Jarman
Penmanship-practice sheets/Marie Picard/Canada
Holy Family School Productions
Peterson Directed Handwriting

Practical Italic calligraphy writing/James Pickering
Pre-printed handwriting-worksheets in 4 styles
Printed worksheets/handwriting
Renaissance "Ritin"/ italic Handwriting /Book & pen kit
The Society for Italic Handwriting
Sassoon Fonts/Handwriting/Edu.
School Fonts/Michel Bujardet
Smithhand Cursive Method
Sonlight Curriculum/Handwriting reviews
Speedball/Lettering sheets/PDF file
Spencerian/Michael Sull
Spencerian Penmanship/Homeschooling
Spencerian Script Font
Spencerian Penmanship /Harvest Educational
StartWrite/Software pre-printed sheets

Suetterlin - the "German handwriting"

Sweedish 19th century copybook
Teach Yourself Art/Art Videos
Theraproducts/Pen and Pencil Grips
Videos F.Sloan/Aha Productions
Writing Implements
Writing Instruments Manufacturers Association
Write for Queensland /pdf
FolioFiles/Early Writing
Zanerian/Ornamental Penmanship
Zaner-Bloser/Handwriting program

Articles on Calligraphy

Mid 19th Century Handwriting/Sullivan Press
Flourishing article/Manitoba Guild
Article:The Writing on the Wall
Penmanship, From Palmer to Palm Pilot

Many believe penmanship is losing out
to technology

Handwriting History/Thornton

Dipping into the inkwell of memories

Civil War Pens and Writing/B.Sullivan
The Secrets of Writing with Quills /B.Sullivan
19th Century Stationery Examples/Sullivan

Oberlin Business College/Spencerian

The Write Stuff

Handwriting Contest/Links
National Handwriting Contest/Zaner-Bloser
Peterson Directed Handwriting Contest

Handwriting links/K.Gladstone
Cindi's List of Handwriting Links
Luc Devroye/Children's Handwriting
Handwriting Webring
"Prevent Computer related injuries"
Signature Help
15 Famous People Fonts /Killer Fonts

Historical Handwritten documents
Deciphering Old Handwriting
Ancient scripts/images
Arrighi’s Operina c.1522/G.Briem
Autograph Search Engine
Autograph Links
Copy Books Links/Unv . of Brighton/UK
Excerpt from the Will of Alfred Nobel
Early English Handwriting
English Handwriting 1500-1700/online course
Italic Writing /Italy 17th c.sample/Tagliente

Handwriting Samples/Historical Documents
"History of Learning to write"
by Ewan Clayton/ PDF file
Largest sample of Handwriting/T.Donaldson
Letters of the 17th Century/ Found in Parish Registers
Letters of 17th Century/Spanish/Hebrew
Old handwriting Samples
Pen Lovers/history of Fountain Pens
Samples Old German Scripts
Steiner Collection/Notebooks circa 1600
Society of Genealogists Bookshop: Handwriting
Sumerians created cuneiform writing
Writing Materials/Samples-17th Century
G.Washington 1757/ sample

Left Handness/ Scribes

Anything Left Handed/UK
Leonardo Da Vinci/Right to Left
Leonardo da Vinci Font/Will-Harris
LeftHand/resources & retail
Left Hand Calligraphy/CLAS
Left Handed Nibs/Mitchell/Scribblers/UK
Left Handed Nibs/Mitchell/John Neal
Articles on left-handness

Handwriting Analysts Group
HAG/Images of CopyBooks
from around the world
Tips for Left Handed Writing/Clligraphy

Handwriting Books/John Neal
12 Rules Good handwriting
Society of Genealogists Bookshop: Handwriting

Imprint Magazine

Graphology /Jonathon Blake

USA Postal Codes
Canada/USA Postal Codes

Copyright Info
Australian Copyright
Copyrights Explained/B.Templeton
Copyright Myths/Internet
Copyright Office/Library of Congress
Essays and books on Copyrights
Fair Use and Multimedia
Ivan Hoffman/Lawyer/Articles
What is Copyright?
The Copyright website
The Conference on Fair Use
Copyright & Fair Use/Stanford Unv.
Protect your Artwork/Digimarc

Writers, Artists, and their Copyright Holders (WATCH)

Fun Stuff
Aaron's list
Aussie Sayings
Confucious say/joke
Quality Quotes/Custom stamps & Scrapbook kits
How to survive as an artist;100 ways.
How to write an artist statement


Acronym Finder
Acronym Search
Aussie Slang
Compact Oxford English Dictionary:
On-Line Dictionaries/1000languages
Dictionaries/translators/Word2Word Language Resources
Dictionaries/Many Languages
Encyclopedia Mythica
Free online dictionary and thesaurus
The Grammar Lady.
Irish Gaelic Translator


Travlang/English-French dictionary
Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary
OneLook Dictionaries/Search
Otake Japanese to English/words
Phrase Finder
Latin-English translation
Library Land
Pangram Validator/Software

Translation of Websites/English version
Translation of Websites/Google
Babel Fish AltaVista/French version

Free Translation of websites

The Skeptic's Dictionary
Webring of Languages & linguistics
YOUR Dictionary

Urban Legends Reference Pages