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ScribeWorx Calligraphy Resources
Calligraphy Resources

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When this website goes online fulltime in 2009, I'll begin adding ebooks for you to download FREE. Some will be sample ebooks I find that will help you market your products or services. Some will be complete and some will be for sale.

With a library of hundreds of ebooks, it takes time to revisit them to see which ones will be applicable to the arts and crafts business. In the library are ebooks about building basic websites, marketing, list building, affiliate programs, and much more.

Each posting will be dated so you can come back to see what's new. The new additions will be from the top down. In otherwords, latest additions will appear at the top of the page. This way you won't have to scroll down through ebooks you've already downloaded.

I'll try to add a brief review, and in some cases, a few paragraphs.

Downloading is easy, simply right click on the link and select the 'save target as' from the dropdown. I highly recommend you create a folder in your MY DOCUMENTS folder and title it SCRIBEWORX. Then you'll always be able to find your downloads as well as know where they came from.

My favorites are usually under 25 pages and a quick read. I'll try to avoid those with links to seller sites so you get good info without the hype and sales pitches.

Best to you, BILL

Nov. 17, 2008: Here's a starter for you. It's a 9 page PDF entitled Dealing With Doubt Online by Rick Macaulay.