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Bill Griffin
7901 S. Council Rd #84
Oklahoma City, OK 73169

Dear Calligraphy Friends,
Due to cancer surgery I've been
unavailable for several months.

In late March (2010) I got sick and ended up in the hospital. After 20 day, 8 hours of surgery and 7 days in ICU, I spent the next couple of months 99% in bed. Finally, as I began to heal, regain a little strength and start eating again, my life has slowly started to return to semi-normal. I still spend 50% or more of my time in bed.

When I was diagnosed with inoperable colon and liver cancer, that left me with a few options. One decision I've made is to DENY CHEMO!

Because the cancer has spread throughout many lymph nodes, there's little they can do. I decided the misery of CHEMO didn't offer me enough additional time. My life plans have changed drastically. No flea marketing til next year. Hopefully I can go to Mary's Swap Meet in OKC, OK a few times when the weather cools. But not much likelihood of travel or overnighters.

I've lost 45 pounds (good but a hard way to get the weight off). Now at 180 I actually feel better. It's a good weight. Hopefully, I can maintain this weight range instead of gaining it back.

If any of you need updated info on your linked pages here, please write to me.

Hope to see everyone next year. I really miss you all at Locust Grove, Tahlequah, Sallisaw, County line in Arkansas, Anadarko, and everywhere else I travel.

August 7, 2010

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