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BEWARE of internet fraud on Craigslist.Org, eBay.Com and other selling sites

Today is December 28, 2007

Please note, since I sell all the time, I have not blocked out my email address or phone number.
I'm in the selling business and the buying business.

As you can see from the first pic, I post a lot of stuff on CraigsList.Org. And I sell a lot, too.

Probably of every FIVE posts, I get a scammer email reply. Once you know what to look for, they are easy to spot. Usually, it is someone too busy to come get your sale item, but they'll send you more. Sometimes, as in this case MANY TIMES more than the value of the item.

The above pic show a wide variety of postings including computers, musical equipment, vehicles, books, trade offers, and I don't limit myself. I'll trade anything for most anything of reasonable fair value if I can pick it up.

So, my post below is for a load of computer misc.

Here is an offer I received from DAVID MART

There are a couple of things that stand out. First conditions is not plural and this question really doesn't fit with the post if the person actually read what I wrote. maybe it is still okay doesn't make sense, either. and the asking price is posted in the ad and even in the subject line of the email HE sent to me.

So above is my response to see where this is leading.

Below, he writes back about sending a check and having this stuff shipped.
Keep in mind I was never asked about a list of the items, what was being purchased
for $500.00 or what I thought shipping might cost.

RED FLAGS all over the place.

I wrote back that I had no phone, since the buyer didn't read the posting anyway.
There are enough typos and grammar errors to alert you beyond normal COMPUTER SLANG WORDS.


First, the check is on the way. WOW, that was fast.
BUT there is a little problem. THEY sent me too much money.
Almost 8 times too much money.

It is unbelievable... The Check Arrived At 9:30AM Friday.

This isn't a really clear picture of the check and I messed with the bank numbers
incase this is a copy of a stolen check, that way no one can get the routing numbers.

At the top left of the check it tells you to hold it to the light to see the watermark.
There is no watermark in the check.
Next, if you can see all the flecks in the check, it is from a poor quality printer.
Then at the bottom left is 'Issured by Intergrated Payment Systems Inc.' which is actually only an online payment company and it means absolutely nothing but to the unenlightened, it makes it look more official.

Now, the buyer's name was David Mart, this check is issued by HARRY SMITH, apparently the secretary. The bank, AmSouth would most likely have some contact info on the bank draft or check.
It should have an address, maybe even a phone number.

Here's a DEAD GiveAway... on the back is printed...


Also, the printing is very faded. No bank would ever issue a check that was so poorly printed.

CONCERN should be concerning.

These guys specialize in hit and run, quick response, to overwhelm the seller.

12-26-2007 5:25:10 PM Wednesday -- was the first contact and Friday 12-28-2007 9:30 AM the check is already here. The third email included the UPS routing number and instructions on removing my $500 plus and extra $50 for my inconvenience, go cash the check and send a THIRD person the balance of $3250.00.

This is for a $500 sale.

PLEASE NOTE: Believe it or not, people fall for this everyday. Usually when selling a more expensive item. And they send back hundreds, even tens of thousands of dollars to people they don't know.


Please note... I have tried to convey the basics of this scam. Never accept more than the purchase price and NEVER EVER send money. Especially NEVER via Western Union as it can not be recovered. If there are errors in this post, please excuse me.

Bill, OKC OK

Email - Check / Craigslist Scam In Progress

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