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At a later time I may add some graphics but this is pretty simple to follow. On the bottom left of your computer click on the Start button, point at Programs, the next column will open, point at accessories (at top on most computers) and the next column will open. At or near the bottom will be PAINT!

Along the left side of the paint program are some little action boxes. A dotted star, dotted box, bucket, spray can, A for text and a pencil. Next to the pencil is a paint brush. When you click on the paint brush, a box will appear below with brush tips. Round, diamond, square in asst sizes, and / lines. Click on the center / line. Now with your mouse draw the letter S. It will appear in black. Click on a color in the table at the bottom and then make another S. I did black, red, blue and orange, on top of each other for a really cool effect.

You can save your scribbles, but they are in BMP format. These are really large files. I open them with Paint Shop Pro and convert them to GIF format, then upload to the net.


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