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First, let me tell you that I think the entire system is rigged against the average working person. I also believe that the average person isn't the least bit interested in any of this hogwash. Most just want to go to work, get a paycheck, go fishing or shopping, and then go back to work for another week. And take an ocassional vacation.

Which Side Of STUPID Are YOU On?

I didn't really want to be this mean with my opening statement, but sometimes I lose contact with reality trying to deal with the lack of knowledge in our society.

The fact is, we are all being conned, lied to and misled on a daily basis. The news media mislead by not telling the entire story or by cutting off part of the comments made. The politicians are not the least bit interested in the citizens of the USA. They are only interested in getting re-elected. And that means making their rich friends happy. Those rich friends are the lobbyists. The END RESULT, we get the shaft.

Illegal Aliens

Let's accept the number of EIGHT MILLION. A jet seats about 250. That would take 32,000 airline trips. A bus holds 55 people. That would take nearly 145,500 bus loads. Can you imagine buses bumper to bumper loaded with illegal aliens 150 MILES long.

Reality Check -- We aren't every going to send these 8 million people home. So let's get real and start getting everyone ID's.

Voter ID

Well, I gotta have a good laugh here. In Oklahoma, where I live, it is illegal not to have a legal form of ID on your person at all times. So there is no problem with having an ID to vote. This is another scam. The only reason to not want ID is to SCAM the system. Anyone that advocates voting without ID is probably involved in illegal voting.

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